This domain is a home to a bunch of random NES stuff I've done over time. I don't really have anything for the homepage right now, so here's this.

Games, Projects and More

Puzzle Game Maker

This is a dumb little puzzle game maker I created. It's interesting in that the editor runs entirely within an NES emulator. (Or from a NES cartridge, if you feel so inclined!) More detail on the site.

Backups and more

Nerdy Nights Mirror

This is a fully-featured backup of the nerdy nights tutorials to get started with NES development. I rehosted this off the nintendoage forums, in case anything bad ever happens to it. It also features a downloadable version.

NESDev Wiki Mirror

This is a dump of the nesdev wiki I update from time to time. If the main nesdev wiki is ever down, you can go here to find any page. Just replace with!

Note that if the wiki is NOT down, I highly recommend going to the original wiki instead! This is likely a bit behind, and you can't edit it if you find issues.

This is entirely based on the work of Tepples on his wiki backup