This domain is a home to a bunch of random NES stuff I've done over time. My main website is, but this tries to isolate all of the retro gaming stuff into one spot.

Games, Projects and More

Puzzle Game Maker

This is a puzzle game maker I wrote, which will let you make your own game with up to 64 levels, playable on a real nes! (Or an emulator).

It aims to be simple enough for anyone to figure out! It includes default art and music, with the option to substitute your own.

NES Starter Kit

NES Starter Kit is s a fully-fledged starter kit for NES games. It is the source to a top-down adventure game, alongside all of the tools needed to change it. It also comes with a guide to changing everything about it, which could also be titled "The dummy's guide to creating an NES game".

The idea is, download this (either via git or a zip file), set up the tools, run the game, then tweak it and make your own! With the right hardware, you can even play your game on your own NES.

Retro Dev Tools


create-nes-game is a command line tool that creates a simple hello world game for the NES, alongside all build tools you need, and a ready-to-go emulator.

All you have to do is answer a series of multiple-choice questions about what language you want, a mapper, and optional features like libraries.

The tool will give you a git-ready folder full of code, which it can be used to compile and run. (and even unit test, if you want!)


A simple jasmine + mesen-based test runner for the NES. Validate that your generated roms have the proper size/signature, and do the right things when you run them.

Has integration with cc65 output and create-nes-game, so you can inspect C/asm variables, as well as compare screenshots.

2Bit Tile Generator

This is a quick-and-dirty react app put together to generate some simple tiles for retro-styled games.

It directly targets the Nintendo gameboy and NES, but may be able to be used with other consoles as well.

It outputs png files, as well as NES-compatible chr and pal files.

NES Mapper Picker

This is a pretty simple vue app meant to allow you to pick what mapper best works for you based on a varied set of parameters.

There are a few tools out there that already do this, but I've found that they generally have one of two pitalls - either they do not let you change your mind without going through the whole selection process again, or they just don't consider the features I want.

NEZ Fork

This is a fork of the web-based Nez emulator to make it more friendly to embedding games. I use this on my own website to show off the various games and demos I've made.