This domain is a home to a bunch of random NES stuff I've done over time. I don't really have anything for the homepage right now, so here's this.

Games, Projects and More

Puzzle Game Maker

This is a dumb little puzzle game maker I created. It's interesting in that the editor runs entirely within an NES emulator. (Or from a NES cartridge, if you feel so inclined!) More detail on the site.

Retro Dev Tools

Nerdy Nights Mirror

This is a fully-featured backup of the nerdy nights tutorials to get started with NES development. I rehosted this off the nintendoage forums, in case anything bad ever happens to it. It also features a downloadable version.

NES Starter Kit

This is a fully-fledged starter kit for NES games. It contains the source to a top-down adventure game, alongside all of the tools needed to change it. It also comes with a guide to changing everything about it, which could also be titled "The dummy's guide to creating an NES game".

The Archive

I started an archiving project of some of the most useful NES development resources, in fear that some of them might disappear soon. The Nerdy Nights tutorial above was the start, but I have also grabbed some forum archives, wiki archives, and other such things. A bit doomsday prep-ish, but perhaps it will help someone some day. Come on over!